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Promotional Stone
Prefabricated tops in standard sizes with a variety of colors and bowls to choose from. These tops are sized to fit industry standard sizes though are available in custom sizes.  There are multiple Colors in Engineered  Stone and Granite. _____________________________________________________________________________________________  P: 1-800-400-8194				•				F:1-540-886-7439				•				PO Box 538 • Staunton, VA • 24402
AbsoluteBlack.jpg Burlywood.jpg Burlywood EarthStone.jpg Meteorite.jpg SandStone.jpg SantaCeciliaLight.jpg TanBrown.jpg Ubatuba.jpg Uba Tuba Wheat.jpg Wheat *All Color Selections should be based upon a physical sample* Stone Vanities come in standard sizes although custom sizes are available.  For a 2cm Stone Vanity ordering sheet click here